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I am a Midwest, USA based photographer.

I am self taught and am on a journey of continuous learning.

I love play on light, shadows, experimenting and finding beauty in the derelict. Above all I love the stories left behind and untold within Urban Exploration. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to document these forgotten gems with my camera and my imagination. The photography of abandoned places that I take is solely an artistic expression, not a form of vandalism. I believe in documenting the past in a way that many do not often get to see.

I love all types of photography. I enjoy landscape, long exposure, product and portrait captures as well

Photography is a form of expression that I derive great fulfillment from, it has become my passion. I began a blog in 2010 that included photos in the blog, but photos were not the main focus. From that platform my photography expanded into taking on a large roll of my life experience, insight, learning and adventure.  My eye tends to see things I never noticed before and in turn I have learned to appreciate things on a deeper level that I never thought possible. -Michelle

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